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I work with a variety of people at different stages of their lives, both in a professional and personal context.

I am an intuitive coach, offering light (challenge) and warmth (support) in my coaching. I help clients to connect with their authentic selves and to embody that in their work and personal lives .  I am passionate about learning and believe that regular and honest self-reflection is key to growth. It is the foundation of my own on-going personal and professional self-development.

My Coaching Profile

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My Background

I have had my own consultancy business for the last 8 years, whilst also working within Swansea University managing student support services. Prior to this I worked for Wales Council for Voluntary Action, where I was Head of Business Development, Consultancy and Learning and managed Participation Cymru.

I have volunteered as a mentor with Women’s Education Network and been a trustee for MIND Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen.

Prior to this I had experience in coaching and mentoring within the Church in Wales.

Coaching Style

I take a holistic approach to coaching and my style is determined by the needs of the client, which is always focused on their goals, but is flexible as new information arises and self-awareness increases. Clients have described me as a ‘safe pair of hands’ and I am committed to creating a positive and caring environment to ensure my clients can strive to be the best they can be. My extensive experience of offering pastoral care and counselling means I bring a number of disciplines to the coaching environment.

Special Interests

I am interested in all things third sector, and have extensive experience of working in a consultative capacity within the public sector and more recently in Higher Education. I am a passionate wellbeing coaching, focusing on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of being human.

I have particular interests in the importance of physical activity for mental wellbeing, working with young people in their later education and early job experiences. 


  • Level 7 ILM qualification in Executive Coaching

  • Myers- Briggs Personality Type Practitioner

  • Post graduate qualification in counselling

  • Post graduate qualification in pastoral care.

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